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Welcome to Wiki Home, founded on 28 January 2021, with the aim to introduce the coolest gadgets in the market to everyone. We know you are a discerning customer who deserves and requires only the best. This is the primary main reason why we offer only the smartest gadgets to help you get more done with ease, and to simplify your life every step of the way.

We don’t only offer smarts; we also offer stylishness. Each and every one of the products that we offer bears the Wiki Home mark of approval; an approval of Excellence, Durability, Functionality and Sleekness.

Our products are not only user friendly but extremely pocket friendly as well. At Wiki Home, we are driven by the passion to simplify life for as many people as we can, so affordability is one of our watchwords and one of the tenets we live by. From household gadgets, to office gadgets, to kids’ toys, to other daily basic products, we’ve got your back! You won’t find it cheaper anywhere else; this we can confidently say.

Unlike other stores, Wiki Home don't do drop shipping. What that means is our staffs have personally sourced products from the most reputable manufacturers of each product on our site. We then have them stored at our different warehouses and have personally tested each item to make sure they are working well before they get delivered to your doorstep.

Also, Wiki Home work closely with all of our manufacturers and go the extra mile to ensure of safe and respectful working conditions that exclude child labor issues. So while we are proud of our affordability, we have never fail to neglect the ongoing ethical dilemmas and problems of society.

Enjoy your shopping with Wiki Home today! Just look for your favorite stuffs, and Wiki Home Team will deliver it right at your doorstep! Yes, you heard it correct, right at your doorstep! We promise to take good care of you. Again, your happiness and satisfaction is our number one priority always!

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